A Conversation at Paradise

Announcement | My Dear Provincialist

Sofia, 27 May 2017, 17-19 h


You told me, you can’t wait to see everyone at Club Paradise.
Well, here we are.

How are you?
How are we?
(let’s do it better; start again)
How are you?
Where are you?
(good …)
Do we inhabit the same space?

We invite you to a collective thinking and imagining of provincialism not as another master category with centralizing, flattening influence but as a method to put canons, conventions, and geographies into question. And, yes, we tried to load it with meaning of a place of non-commercialised pleasure, excessive difference, resilience; also, as a place of commonness.

Can geography have meaning?
Can difference be erased?
(why are you asking this?)
What can emotions do?

Starting at 17h, all participating artists Valko Chobanov, Krasimira Kirova, Dimitar Shopov, Trifon Tashev, Martina Vacheva, Ina Valentinova will discuss their works and vision joining a broader conversation aiming at elaborating questions around the exhibition.

How much loneliness do we need?
How is your past?
How is our future?
(we do have future, don’t we)

Goes without saying, we encourage unfocused, erratic, troubled contributions. We’re happy to welcome you!

Free entrance.

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