States of Flux: The Sanguine (3)

Zheleznitsa, 3 September 2016

One day after the opening of After the Splash in Sofia, we set off on a walk through the forest to a hot spring near Zheleznitsa. The woods, the water, the friendly sharing of thoughts are sources of pleasure and relaxation. We are the sanguine. In these peaceful surroundings we initiate forms of community within a timeless (pre-) apocalyptic setting.

Meet at Zheleznitsa: 3 September, 3 pm (If you plan to join, please tell us in advance to make sure we wait for you)

States of Flux: The Sunniest Beach. After the Splash. The Sanguine. The Token. is curated by Viktoria Draganova and Gergana Todorova and hosted by Swimming Pool, Sofia.

The exhibition series is generously supported by: Municipality of Sofia Program “Culture”, Iaspis, Ifa Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, OCA and Goethe-Institute Sofia.