10 November 2018


Swimming Pool is delighted to invite you to join our international symposium on curating and art project spaces, which is part of our Curatorial School’s public program.
Our main interest lies on the potentials of independent curatorial activity towards creating spaces. Here, physicality is not a pre-condition; when talking of “spaces” we envision mid-and long term initiatives creating their own physical, imaginary and political conditions. Within the frame of a symposium will explore agency of project spaces, and how such initiatives can move society. We will also reflect on their irregularity (which consists in a low level of institutionalization, shared economy, as well as DIY culture) and how this allows for new types of institutionalization that correspond to how our environment is structured today. We will also pay attention to resonance and how to create spaces for joint thinking and imagining.

We would like to use the symposium to engage both participants and audience in a deep discussion on conceptual models, practical challenges and political potentials of project spaces. We will send to everyone who has registered a list with topics and questions to allow for a better preparation. Comments on your side are also more than welcomed!



Bob’s Pogo Bar at KW, Berlin
Cathrin Mayer und Maurin Dietrich

The Pogo Bar is located in the basement of KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin and reintroduces the format of a bar of the same name that existed there in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Since the beginning of 2017, the bar operates with a weekly program every Thursday that is curated by Maurin Dietrich und Cathrin Mayer. We understand the place and program of Pogo Bar as a social space that reflects on the current diverse artistic production both locally and internationally. The formats of those evening (and nights) alternate between readings, concerts, performances, plays, film screenings or interventions.

~Maurin Dietrich is an assistant curator at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin where she programs performances, exhibitions, and publications. She worked at schir concepts, a residency program located in Tel Aviv and Berlin, Schinkel Pavillon as well as the 9th Berlin Biennale, curated by DIS.
~Cathrin Mayer is an assistant curator at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin. She is currently teaching at University of Arts in Berlin and recently curated a film program for mumok kino in Vienna. She regularly writes for magazines such as a.o. Girls Like Us.

FLUENT, Santander
Alex Alonso Diaz

FLUENT is a para-institution for contemporary art, presenting cycles of consecutive exhibition modules, texts, and live events revolving around thematic axes. Founded in 2016, it houses a studio space, a programme of exhibitions and a series of seminars, screenings, performances and texts derived from each cycle’s thematic framework. fluent’s manifestations happen in several forms and places, both in its offices in Santander and abroad, organizing specific projects and off-site events, carefully unfolding experimental practices in close collaboration with artists, thinkers, writers, researchers, and the community. Its working structure, logics and goals depart from the awareness of operating within and beyond an isolated context with the image of a touristic destination. Thus, we intentionally avoid the expectations of a conventional art space and encourage other ways of creating discourse, and of relating to audiences and artists alike. fluent promotes interdisciplinary dialogues and encourages involvement with other non for profits spaces, as well as institutional and educational systems nationally and internationally.

~ Alex Alonso Diaz, its founder, lives and works in Barcelona. He holds an MA in Curatorial Studies from the Whitechapel Gallery Study Programme, in London and graduated in History of Art and Philosophy in Spain. An independent curator and researcher, he’s a contributing writer to magazines like Frieze, Mousse and Terremoto.

Enterprise Projects, Athens
Danai Giannoglou and Vasilis Papageorgiou

Εnterprise Projects is a project space founded by Danai Giannoglou and Vasilis Papageorgiou. This venture aims at experimenting and conversing; experimenting with the curatorial proposal, artistic creation, self-organized function, and conversing with the artistic scene, the Athenian audience and the space itself which houses the project. It has been functioning independently and periodically since September 2015 in Athens.

~ Danai Giannoglou is a curator and writer based in Athens. She is currently working at the archive of the DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art. She has curated exhibitions in Greece and abroad and she has been a resident at Rupert (Lithuania, 2016) and at the Gwangju Biennale International Curator Course (South Korea, 2018).
~ Vasilis Papageorgiou is an artist based in Athens. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts and he has completed his MA in St. Luca School of Arts in Brussels. He has presented his work in five solo exhibitions in Athens, Milan, Brussels and Antwerp and he has been part of various group shows. Papageorgiou is currently a recipient of the 1st SNF Artists Fellowship.

ODD, Bucharest
Cristina Bogdan

A space for theoretical discussion and social gatherings of all kinds, ODD welcomes to Bucharest artists, writers, critics, philosophers, performers, scientists, activists. Through residencies and informal events such as discussions, workshops, reading groups, performances, ODD provides for a combination of intimacy and playfulness, dialogue and resistance, from which to act upon the world. Scripted by Cristina Bogdan, assisted since 2018 by Tatiana Moise.

~ Cristina Bogran was and bred in Bucharest, educated in Paris, hardened in London. Founder and editor of the online edition of Revista ARTA.

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