Pudding Pudding @ Swimming Pool

Publication on view


We welcome PuddingPudding to our library!

PuddingPudding a curatorial project led by three artists where an invited artist receives an A5 “carte blanche” as an invitation card and work on it.

The printed 250 copies can be found in a network of spaces around the globe, at Peach (Rotterdam), Cordova – Barcelona (Barcelona), Pauline Perplexe (Paris), Enterprise Projects(Athens), Good Press (Glasgow), Four To Seven (Riga), treignac projet(Treignac), Atelier W (Paris), La Tôlerie / Non-breaking space (Clermont-Ferrand), Moly-Sabata (Sablons), Titanik (Turku), Delta Studio – artist run space (Roubaix), Mains d’Œuvres (Paris), Hutt Collective (Nottingham), Rinomina (Paris), M I L K (Newcastle), East Bristol Contemporary (Bristol), Body&Soul (Geneva), La Station (Nice) and soon at 12ø (London) and Rib(Rotterdam).

Pudding Pudding’s 6th edition (for free), realised by Fairclough Camila Oliveira is now at Swimming Pool.

If you want to find more on Pudding Pudding, check its instagram.


  • (c) Pudding Pudding
    (c) Pudding Pudding